Painting impressions of horses using the medium of watercolor mirrors my innate feelings of the timeless space of the equine world filled with a rare calm not naturally found in urban life. When I paint, time becomes rubbery as the images and messages of the horse’s spirit come to light. My ventures involve textiles (weaving, basket making, organic crocheted sculptures, card weaving, spinning, natural dying, quilting), oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolors, pottery, papermaking, calligraphy, paper marbling, drafting, and graphic design. I gain insight from my own horse when she is so willing to take care of me and so careful to keep me balanced on her when I ride. Her power is soft without force. Yet, in an instant, flight across the field to escape a perceived danger could throw me. In a vision, she showed me a view of the blue sky before sunrise above a brown rolling hill. It was the view between her ears and over her poll that stunned me with the question, “what am I looking for?” The message came: “look through my eyes.” These paintings present a look through the eyes of the horse.

Guardian Spirits by Sandee EndahlCreating expressions of the equine brings joy and pleasure along the spiritual journey of life. Studying the equine as a herd animal gives insight into the many gifts they share with people. Author Linda Kohanov eloquently shares her thoughts in the following statement that reflects a state of mind that exists when riding, painting and creating folk art:

“Horses have an amazing gift for helping us move fluidly between multiple states of consciousness where we can access greater creativity, intuition, and sensitivity to both the seen and unseen aspects of a life lived fully. At the same time, they insist that we ground our intuitive insights in the ‘real world’ and make sure that we never lose sight of the constantly shifting nuances of our relationship to others. They teach us to ride between the worlds of mind and heart, logic and intuition, spirit and nature, energy and matter, the collective and the individual, helping us embrace these paradoxes—and expand beyond them.”

Books by Linda Kohonov: The Tao of Equus, Riding Between the Worlds, and The Way of the Horse.

Spent Valentine’s Day with my friend, Kim, creating a new art project to teach at the Kissock Horse Center horse camps this March and June. I call them “wall horses”! Loads of fun for anyone to create out of poster board, latex paint, scrapbooking materials and chalk, ribbon, yarn, buttons, brads, acrylic paints, bling, and textured items. You can find a sample on my Facebook photos.

New updates: Am now listing in the gallery pages original artwork that have sold. Prints of the paintings are available. Please contact me if you are interested in ordering original artwork and prints. Working on a children’s book (series) with original watercolor paintings illustrating the book(s). Each original comes with a certificate of authenticity.

(ps: love the horses and the connection with their riders on AVATAR!)